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Fragrance Miracle

Shopping at Fragrance Miracle you will find an amazing high quality perfumes for men and women at affordable price.

Most FM fragrances for women have a minimum of 20% perfume concentrate which qualifies them as real perfume. Designer fragrances are more often than not eau de toilette (EDT) with a 9.6% perfume concentrate, or eau de parfum (EDP) with up to 16% perfume concentrate.

 All FM fragrances for men are EDP quality (perfume concentrate of 16%). Designer fragrances for men, have only a maximum concentrate of 9.6% (EDT).

FM perfumes are produced by DROM Fragrances using their own formula and Pureganic® method. Drom products are organic and are without any toxins or harmful additives. Fm products are not tested on animals!

Shop now for designer quality perfumes and cosmetics, feel the luxury every day!